• Hedge trimmer

    Hedge trimmer

  • Multifunction MT 30

    Multifunction MT 30

  • Only 93 cm wide

    Only 93 cm wide

  • Snowplough


  • Grab 150/200 Lt.

    Grab 150/200 Lt.

  • Pallet fork

    Pallet fork

  • Clamp veses

    Clamp veses

  • Manure/salt spreader

    Manure/salt spreader

  • Mechanical hoe

    Mechanical hoe

  • Excavator


  • Three point hitch

    Three point hitch

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IT Minigardener MT 30

IT MINIGARDENER presents the new series MULTI TASK

Performance, compact, multi task
The result of years of research carried out in close collaboration with the industry was born the new MULTI TASK. It is an innovative machine that began as a front mower with central suction and collection back then evolves becoming much more: with quick couplers front and rear, specially created, this versatile machine can accommodate dozens of accessories that make it suitable for do almost all the work for professional gardening. In particular, the model MULTI TASK MT 30 is very compact, with its width of only 93 cm can go in the most narrow, as pedestrian gates and other appurtenances of housing being able to carry all the tools used for the maintenance or construction of gardens, what results in an important time optimization during machining operations. His being so compact is without prejudice to the possibility to use MT 30 even on larger areas and extended, the collection of 30 hp Kubota diesel engine with very solid metal structure, give the feeling of power and safety. The 4WD transmission coupled to the oscillating rear axle, making this tractor can deal easily inclines or obstacles such as curbs and uneven terrain, muddy or icy. The end result, THAT IS COVERED BY THE PATENT, is an excellent machine that can perform multiple processes , alleviating the hardships of the operators , reducing labor time and therefore the final cost .


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